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Stanley Stoves in Ireland

Stanley stoves in Ireland is a long-standing Irish company with a proud tradition in the stove and heating business. They are Ireland’s number one leading stove brand. They’ve brought warmth and comfort to more families and homes in the country than any other stove brand. They are trusted for their high-quality products at great prices.


Stanley Stoves in Ireland are Easy on Your Wallet

When you buy a Stanley stove you are saving money every time you use it. Stanley stoves are three times more efficient than any open fire stove you may have. Say goodbye to the cold, and hello to warmth and savings. In fact, Stanley stoves are so efficient that their owners have continuously reported a 78% decrease in their fuel bills once they’ve installed their Stanley stove. That’s a whole lot of savings for just one little stove! But that’s the power of Stanley.


A Name You Can Trust


Stanley stoves are crafted in Waterford and have been crafted there since 1936. For over 80 years, Stanley has been providing warmth and comfort to homes across the country. When you buy a Stanley stove, not only are you receiving comfort and heat, but you’re getting style as well. A living space with a cozy fireside glow can bring intimacy and a sense of closeness to those sitting around it. It’s like having a campfire in the middle of your living room, except much safer and easier to maintain.


Quality, Flexibility and Comfort


Already, over 300,000 Irish households have said yes to a Stanley stove. With a Stanley stove you can take back control of your home’s heating. Stanley stoves are equipped with specialized features for finger-tip control of your heating. They are an extremely flexible way to heat your home with a wide range of fuels including wood, coal and briquettes. You can now have more control and less high home heating bills with a Stanley stove.


Advanced Features to Provide the Ultimate Warmth


Stanley stoves are built with families and home owners in mind. They are built with a myriad of advanced features that make the stoves easy to use, highly functional, and reliable to keep your home warm in the harshest of winter weather conditions. Some of the features you get with a Stanley stove include:

  • Clean Burn Technology controls air flow in the Stove firebox to maximise efficiency.
  • High Chromium Grates withstand higher firebox temperatures for a longer lifespan.
  • Cast Iron Build holds and radiates heat, giving an even temperature once the stove is lighting.
  • Quality Components made from best in class materials and hand built in Waterford.
  • Dual Position Grates burn wood logs or smokeless fuels with equal efficiency. (Lismore only)
  • Superior Grade Enamel gives a high gloss finish with longer lasting shine.
  • Thermostatic Controls control the burn rate

Stanley Stoves is a name you can trust to keep you and your family warm, comfortable and happy throughout even the coldest winter months. Contact the Stove Store to find the perfect Stanley stove for your home today!

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