If you’re looking for a quality, durable and trusted stove a Blacksmith stove is the way to go. Blacksmith creates masterpiece stoves and crafts some of the best stoves available in Ireland. The Stove Store is proud to provide our customers with the excellent quality and performance of Blacksmith.


Why Choose a Blacksmith?


A lot of people aren’t aware that more than 70% of the heat that’s generated from your average fire escapes through your chimney. Wouldn’t you rather all that heat be directed into your home to warm your family and save your money? That’s where Blacksmith stoves come in. Blacksmith’s modern stoves are incredibly efficient thanks to quality design and the latest technology. Their stoves lower the rate of heat escape to less than 20%. This reduction in escaping heat not only saves you hundreds of euros every year on fuel costs, but eliminates harmful emissions that are being put into the atmosphere.


Blacksmith’s Pay for Themselves


While Blacksmiths Stoves are by no means a budget option, they are still relatively affordable. The money that you are paying for a Blacksmith stove goes into the quality of the material, construction and high performance. A Blacksmith stove is going to save you money every year on your energy and fuel bills, leaving you with more money to spend on the things you really want. These stoves will also keep your family warmer, safer and more comfortable all winter long.


The best part is that because Blacksmith’s stoves are crafted with cast iron, they will last you and your family a long time. This way you won’t have to worry about spending money replacing parts or getting an entirely new stove in a few years. The cast iron construction also makes maintenance with these stoves a breeze. The polished stainless steel fittings are also constructed with top quality and are guaranteed not to rust or peel.


High Quality Features to Keep Your Home Warm


It’s easy to see why Blacksmiths Stoves are stylish and durable on the outside, but what about the inside? The interior of a Blacksmith stove is fitted with heat resistant 17.8% certified high chrome internal castings. This means that not only are these stoves suitable for burning smokeless fuels that burn at higher temperatures than normal household coal, but it also extends the life of the grate. Higher quality means less maintenance and less money you have to spend on replacements.


Blacksmith stoves have received international recognition and the highly coveted German Amtliche Materialprufungsanstalt seal of approval. This means that are stoves are going to bring you and your family warmth, happiness and comfort all at a reasonable price. We’re so confident that you’re going to love our stoves that with every purchase we provide your with our 2,3, or 5 year guarantee. Our cast iron masterpieces are already being enjoyed by thousands of Irish families across the nation. Join our many customers in staying warm this winter season by easily installing a Blacksmith stove into your home.