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Alfa Plam heaters, solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, electric cookers

The casing made of quality sheet metal protected with paint resistant to high temperatures

Improved tightness and complete control of the combustion air inflow is achieved by installation of cast iron fire box door and sealing the reservoir cap.

Fully controlled combustion process and adjustment of furnace operation to pellet quality and chimney draft is provided by installation of additional components.

The special fire box door safety handle.

Large, ceramic glass on the fire box door resistant to 700° C and visible flame bring additional wormth to your home.

Fire box made of special fire-resistant cast, combustion chamber made of special sheet metal and boiler made of sheet metal intended for boilers.

Weekly programming of the furnace operation.

The furnace ability to operate on 5 power levels.

Components necessary for the operation of the heating system are factory-installed in the product.

Built-in safety thermostats prevent water overheating in the boiler and the furnace self-ignitiion.

Cleaning systems additionally facilitate the furnace maintenance and enable reliable operation.

The possibility of heating sanitary water (in the boiler) and connection to the floor heating system.

IOS application – optional.

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You can burn many different fuels in our stoves safe in the knowledge that you are minimising your impact on the environment.